ad hoc vocal improvisations 2018

Continuing to work my way through recent activity: as previously mentioned my visit to Glasgow prompted me to start recording vocal improvisations again.

To date there have been the two recorded in Glasgow, nine ad-hoc pieces (though if you're reading this a week or later after this is posted there may be more), and four Facebook Live performances. The ad-hoc performances are the ones embedded here.

That's 15 recorded improvisations in just under a month. As you might expect, and as I mention in my recorded reflection embedded in the last post, I've found myself getting better and more confident across the weeks.

The ideas I have are beginning to diversify, and arrive more quickly. The range of sounds I make is expanding as I get more practice, more exploratory, and remember more of the techniques I've used.

But don't take my word for it, have a listen for yourself:


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