rebel dykes documentary - help it get finished

So yesterday, if you missed it, there was a work in progress cut of Rebel Dykes shown at HOME Manchester. The film is a forthcoming documentary directed, edited and animated by friends, telling the story of 1980s London Rebel Dykes - lesbian activists of the Thatcher era.

If you missed this screening, then there's another event in London next Sunday (19 March) which I urge you to get along to if you can. Details of this and any other events are on Facebook, and will be on the website too.

I didn't time it but maybe a third to a half of the film was shown, and it's looking good. For something that's been done by a small group of people working day jobs, for around £3k over about two years it looks great.

The important bit though is please consider donating so that the film and the associated archive project can be completed. It's bloody good and well worth seeing, and I've just donated £30. Their crowdfunder is here at Livetree.

See the video below or at YouTube, and also consider subscribing to the YouTube channel.

Please do consider funding, or at least promoting, what's not only a worthwhile project, but a genuinely entertaining, informative and important documentary.

And all those links again, plus some others:

Rebel Dykes crowdfunder -!/item/livetree/5639?
Rebel Dykes website -
Rebel Dykes Facebook -
Rebel Dykes YouTube -
Rebel Dykes trailer -
Rebel Dykes Twitter -
Rebel Dykes Instagram -
The event at HOME -


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