this week on sdm - dead media 10: matt dalby reviews blak whyte gray

Again, later than intended, and at present only on SoundCloud (YouTube version coming tonight or tomorrow) the latest santiago's dead media.

This time it's a review of the recent northern outing for Boy Blue Entertainment's hip hop dance piece Blak Whyte Gray at HOME in Manchester. The piece opened in London for 10 days in January, then came to Manchester for three days (9-11 February).

It was an interesting experience. The first time I've been to a dance performance in a long while, and the first time seeing hip hop dance live.

The performance attracted a large, young and diverse audience.

Edit 20 Feb 17, 18:50: Apologies, I bungled the title of this post, but I've corrected it now. The review is now also available on YouTube.

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