islands : wind available now

After maybe more than two months, I've finally got round to making a set of improvs I had in mind.

They're called Islands : Wind, part of my larger project of interconnected works in various media throughout 2015 called Islands.

You can download them free at Bandcamp. There is also an amount of supplementary material consisting of images and text. Or you can listen to the sample below before you go clicking anything:

The idea started over Christmas at my mother's house, when I was playing around with the thunder tube percussion instrument she has. Although it's a pretty limited instrument, there is more you can do with it than just make thunder noises. I ordered myself one and determined to record a set of tracks using just thunder tube and voice.

That recording only happened over the last three or four days, in three sessions. Several improvs were rejected because they weren't good enough, or were too similar to one another.

Which isn't to say it's a set of pristine and head-spinningly diverse tracks - some of the recordings are pretty grimy. Chase of full above because it was recorded with the gain turned right up, Sprill because it was recorded on mobile phone and has the sound of an impact on it, and the rest were recorded in the shower in a haze of standing waves.


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