tear fet, underpath

So I have a new record out under the Tear Fet name I'm now using for sound projects.

Underpath is out through Chocolate Monk (choc.296) as a limited CDr release for only £5. Check the link up there to buy, or hear sample track Mantra (warning: swears).

But don't trust me that it's worth buying, here's me, with some words about it:

The result of a day trip to Bury with the dual intention of recording some short improvisations and getting lost. Both accomplished. The sounds tried to reference both Brötzmann/Bennink's Schwarzwaldfahrt, and images of The Zone in Tarkovsky's Stalker - though without the manliness and musical ability of the former, or the intellectual and structural rigour of the latter. What comes out is a kind of personal ritual, with an obsession about water. Which given that my sleeve art aimed for Herne the Hunter and Baba Yaga filtered through David Hoyle's Uncle David and missed by a long way has to count as a partial triumph in some quarters.

Another one next year. But enough about that, Underpath consists of 12 brief improvs mostly under 2 minutes (there's one of 2 minutes, one of 2:01, and one under a minute). The idea was to get away from the easy cycle of improvs around the 10-30 minute mark. It struck me that longer pieces are easier to give the illusion of structure to, whereas you have nowhere to hide if you keep it brief.

Go on, get someone you love a Christmas present from the freakside.


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