how to get your paws on tear fet's underpath

I've been inundated with queries* as to how you can buy Underpath from Tear Fet (my sounds project).

Well, choc.296 is available for £5 from the ever excellent Chocolate Monk label out of Brighton via Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance (who also run Colour Out of Space festival, which you really should visit), or I have a limited number of copies.

Just drop me a line, or stop me if you see me around, and I'll fix you up if I still have copies left. Incidentally, I know I already posted the cover art, but I thought I'd give you a taster of the back cover, insert, and CDr itself while I was about it.

If that tracklisting in the photo's too tricky to read, here it is in full:
Tear Fet - Underpath

1 Vlare 1:53
2 Like a sunburnt cock 2:00
3 Growth 1:17
4 Chlup 1:46
5 Lost on the way 1:20
6 Gong 1:57
7 Ingredients 0:40
8 Enjoy yr tablet on the move 2:01
9 Have you had a chance yet 1:57
10 Mantra 1:57**
11 Suntrap 2:02
12 Cold Hands 1:13

*No-one has asked.
**You can hear this at the Chocolate Monk page, or at SoundCloud and YouTube (and below).


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