new studio - brief visit

The photos this time are not terribly good, and there are no pictures of the space. This is because I arrived just as it was beginning to get dark outside, meaning all my photos were taken by the artificial light in the studio. Additionally the battery on my phone was low, so I couldn't take long over the photos.

You can find photos and an account of starting work on the new large object in the studio in my earlier blog post here. There may be more on where the idea came from at a later date. Pictures and a brief account of moving into the studio are in this earlier post.

Before I get into the larger object, one of the things I did on this visit to the studio was assemble the now painted pyramid.

So, I finished work around 6:30pm. On the way to the studio I stopped off at a supermarket and a couple of discount shops, and picked up some more bright plastic items.

Namely: four stem glasses, four heart-shaped spectacles, four small rubber ducks, a set of cutlery, two windmills, four small rolls of ribbon, two packs of pegs, three washing lines, and four sprays of artificial flowers.

I didn't have long in the studio, just 90 minutes taking me to around 9.30 but I managed to get a few of the items added.

Even so, it's apparent that even when the remainder of what I bought this evening is added a couple more large items will be needed.

I want the whole piece to be much brighter, much busier, and much more colourful. Still quite a way to go, even before I get back to dripping paint over it.


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