riffing bad movies 3 - assassin 33 ad review

Earlier this week I found out there's a Christsploitation movie called Assassin 33 AD, in which time travel is used by extremists to go back in time and kill Jesus before the crucifixion so that Christianity will never come to be. I knew I had to see and riff this film, but at the time it wasn't available in the UK. When I checked again late on Tuesday, it was now available.

So I rented the film and spent the evening riffing it on Twitter, and below you can read the unrolled thread in its entirety.

To summarise briefly, this is a well structured movie, and one that's entertainingly bad in many ways, BUT is threaded with nasty anti-Islamic sentiment throughout. It's worth a watch if you think you can bear it.

Those anti-Islamic sentiments: the extremists, led by the sinister boss of a research lab, are Muslims who intend to go back and murder Jesus so Islam will be the one true faith. Never mind all the other religions of the world... though I can't say too many people would be bothered by someone going back to kill L Ron Hubbard.


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