live vocal improv sun 24 nov 19

I've been promising for three or four weeks that I'll start using an external mic soon. I had almost everything required, but needed a TRRS splitter. Since I couldn't find one in any of the obvious shops locally I ordered one in. That arrived on Saturday while I was out, but I tested it on Sunday morning around 1am when I got in and it worked, there was sound.

So I immediately decided to both relocate where I perform my improvs, and to add two bonus improvs to celebrate. The first was at 8pm today, Sunday. The second will be Tuesday 26 November at 7pm.

Except due to a glitch I had to redo this evening's improv at around 9.30pm. The sound is much better. The improv itself is okay, though I'm not terribly excited about it. I do like the last minute or so though.


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