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Sorry, should have posted this on Monday, but I was feeling kind of wiped out after Christmas and new year. Then the rest of this week I was tired for other reasons I'll get into in my next post.

For now, last Monday 2 January saw the general publication of santiago's dead waspcast episode 1, and the Patreon upload of santiago's dead media 7.

In the first episode of waspcast, 'Dogshouts', Richard Barrett, Matt Dalby, Adrian Slatcher and guest discuss homoeopathy, data, the virtualised world, beliefs, Will Self, homelessness and immigration.

The audio isn't as good as I'd like. It's all the justification you need to support us through Patreon - help us buy more mics, so we don't have to struggle with just the one.

This is half of a longer discussion, and the second part, 'Drowning in hummus', will be uploaded to Patreon tomorrow, Monday 9 January, and published to everyone the following week.

For Patreon supporters, Richard Barrett was back with another review, this time of the print of Abel Gance's classic silent movie Napoleon (1927) currently in theatres.

santiago's dead waspcast s1 e1: Dogshouts -

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