dead media #6 + waspcast #1

A big week, albeit arriving around 36 hours later than I intended, for which apologies.

Not only the publication of santiago's dead media #6: Matt Dalby on Sunderland Point, but also the pre-publication release for Patreon supporters of santiago's dead waspcast #1: Dogshouts.

This will be the pattern until mid-June: one week will see the publication of a new dead media episode and the pre-publication release for Patreon supporters of the next waspcast; the following week will see that waspcast published while the next dead media episode has a Patreon pre-release.

Patreon pre-releases mean that supporters who can subscribe for as little as $1 a month see new episodes a week ahead of everyone else. There are a range of other benefits.

At $1 a month you also get bonus material, which will begin to be available soon. At $5 a month you can get your name in the credits at the end of episodes, and the ability to ask questions and set topics, in addition to the $1 reward. And at $10 a month you will get behind the scenes content, and the ability to participate in live chats.

If you can afford it your support will be most welcome. It will help us continue making the shows, and improve the quality of what we do.

With that out of the way, you can find the latest shows here:

santiago's dead media #6: Matt Dalby on Sunderland Point
On 23 October for my birthday I took a walk out to Sunderland Point. I didn't do much there, or linger very long, but this is an account of what was a very nice day.

As well as on SoundCloud (the embedded audio above), you can find the programme on YouTube, or in either format through Facebook.

santiago's dead waspcast #1: Dogshouts
In the first episode of santiago's dead waspcast Richard Barrett, Matt Dalby, Adrian Slatcher and guest discuss homoeopathy, data, the virtualised world, beliefs, Will Self, homelessness and immigration.

Half of a longer discussion, the second part, 'Drowning in hummus', will have a pre-release in two weeks' time. Dogshouts will be published to everyone on Monday 2 January 2017.

The first show is currently available only on pre-release at our Patreon page for supporters.


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