santiago's dead media 2 - shakespeare

The latest episode of santiago's dead media is publicly available now, and the audio can be heard below.

santiago's dead media #2 is a set of reflections on my encounters with Shakespeare (and Euripides) this year and in the past. Don't expect great insights or depth, but do expect a stream of consciousness taking in starry RSC productions of the mid-80s, my inability to tell Leeds from Manchester, and some films you should probably watch.

Episode 3 will follow in a fortnight, or in a week for those who support the shows through Patreon. And don't forget than January will bring the main show, santiago's dead waspcast, an arts and culture discussion show with me, Richard Barrett, Adrian Slatcher, and occasionally other guests.

The first six shows are already in the bag and see us occasionally wandering into contentious areas. I hope the comments will get lively.

For now listen to my ramblings below, or over at YouTube if you'd prefer. See you soon.


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