i have come down - song

Well, I was planning to do some painting this evening.

Wait, rewind. I was planning to write to a friend this evening. Normally I'd be at my swimming lesson, but with that cancelled I thought I'd start a letter I've been planning since last week.

So naturally I decided to do some painting, while listening to music on YouTube. The painting was the beginning of a new abstract comic that may or may not get finished. But basically I was just putting down a single colour on three sheets and leaving them to dry.

Then I was going to start on the letter. But I was struck by a song I was listening to and decided to email my friend about it, then get back to the letter.

But I had another idea. A song of my own pinning down some of the ideas I was trying to conjure through abstract marks on paper and card.

I started singing and writing. In not much more than 10 minutes I had a song. That done I recorded it in one take to my smartphone and uploaded straight to my Mac. What's below is that song, with no edits. I didn't even pass it through GarageBand. All I did was convert it to .wav, Bluetooth it across, and upload to SoundCloud.

Enjoy. Or don't. Let me know what you think, if you care enough to comment.


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