Sunday, February 17, 2013

vocal dancing improv

While it's not the most inventive, or even skilled of my vocal improvs, I already have an especial fondness for today's instance recorded for 28.

It's in large part inspired by this Jonas Mekas film recorded in 1996 when he was 73.

I love this Mekas film, and indeed the bulk of his work, for its freedom and fascination with the moment.

Likewise this kind of piece, and the sort of freedom it explores, is something I'd like to explore more. The joy of making any art, and for me especially physical arts such as dance and singing, is in the element of play.

The work doesn't need to be polished, it doesn't need to be finished, it doesn't even need to be about anything other than the joy of creation in the moment of creation.

But that doesn't mean that aesthetic considerations disappear. In fact during the recording, with my phone doing the recording in my right hand, I wanted to create a dance that felt like a coherent thing, rather than a set of disconnected movements.

Then there was the interplay of the vocal improvisation and movement, trying to ensure the two were synchronised, even that each influenced the other as the dance and vocal pieces were created.

There is also the consideration that this very clearly symbolises that my depression is very definitely receding.

And to underline the point implicit in a lot of what I've said, it was just bloody fun to do. I'd actually recommend it to anyone. Seriously, have a go. You don't have to record or publicise it, it doesn't have to be any good, it doesn't even matter if you get exhausted and have to quit after 10 seconds. Just give it a go, and hopefully you'll find it liberating and fun.

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